RampLine Wedges with Bounce Control

The innovative RampLine sole construction helps you to dramatically improve your strokes with the wedge.
The sand bunker and rough represent one of the greatest challenges for the golfer.
In order to be able to play the ball quickly and steeply, the club has to be swung through the sand or rough as accurately as possible. Here the player is helped by the RampLine.
The striking edge of the wedge is simply immersed slightly in the sand and the bounce only develops its effect a brief moment later, without the club digging in or getting stuck. The golfer’s swing is easier and he or she has the feeling that he or she can get to or “under the ball” more easily.

These advantages are also ideal on other surfaces (e.g. rough, fairway). This means that the player can enjoy the best possible ball and length control in any short game situation.

In our technical experiments to optimize the design of the sole, tests with the high-speed camera have shown that players immerse the wedge in the sand a few centimeters in front of the ball. This produces the following effects:

  • The edge of the wedge face penetrates the sand slightly.
  • The recess in the structure of the sole only compresses the sand slightly and the wedge swings easily. The player can therefore move the wedge easily under the ball. During the second half of the stroke, the bounce effect is initiated through the ramp of the sole structure and forces the club out of the surface.
  • Only now does the bounce compress the surface, thereby forcing the club out after the wedge is positioned under the ball.

This means for the player that the swing with the wedge is easier, with pleasant feedback to the wrists.
This result in approach shots which are under permanent control and therefore a better golfing score.

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