Dreamliner StoryDreamliner Story

Dreamliner Story

The inventor and developer of the Dreamliner putters and wedges, Dieter Ramsauer, explains how he had the idea for the Dreamliner putter.

Dieter Ramsauer:

"I have been playing golf for about 20 years and have never been satisfied with any of the putters on the market. The putter is one of the most important clubs in the bag according to the number of strokes that I take with it in a match. I think it is extremely difficult to align the clubface of a putter at 90° to the target, as it is often partly obscured by an offset shaft. My vision was a putter with a long target line and a straight shaft with which I could cleanly control my backswing.

Thus, I started to develop putters myself and manufacture them in my own workshop. My material and production skills really helped me very much in this because I worked as a toolmaker from a young age.

Originally, I had not thought at all of marketing or selling the club. Initially it was only going to be a club for me. Then, however, Mr. Hauke Wagner, who was at the time the state trainer of North Rhine-Westphalia at the intensive training center in Neuss, saw this club and from the beginning expressed a strong interest in an optimized club for his players. When I then successfully played on the golf course with the first model putter, this putter was also of interest to other players, who then became the first buyers."

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