Eye-Alignment SystemEye-Alignment-System

How the Dreamliner Putter Models work

Each DREAMLINER putter features the innovative Eye Alignment System. This system improves the address position of the player and positions his or her eyes vertically above the ball for each putt. In this way the player achieves a better set-up, a better putt stroke, better green reading and therefore holes more putts.

It is important that the putter is placed upright on the green. It should not be placed either in the "heel" or the "toe" position . In addition, the shaft must not now be moved or twisted. Only now is the correct reference for the Eye Alignment System created, so that the eyes are truly vertically above the ball. And this is regardless of the slope of the green, because due to the upright and parallel placement of the putter sole, the shaft inclination is always correct.

About the Eye-Alignment-System

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