The advantages of the DREAMLINER Putter

There are six factors that influence the difference between a successful and a failed putt. The DREAMLINER putter helps you improve your putting in an effective and sustainable way. According to the Teaching Manual of the PGA of Germany, the following explains what is important when putting:

1.  READING THE GREEN: Determine the target, alignment and speed

  • Before every putt, the green must be read carefully. The putter cannot have any influence on this. However, the success of every good put is based on experience.
  • The design of the DREAMLINER GOLF putter with the Eye Alignment System ensures that the player’s eyes are always positioned vertically above the target line when addressing the centrally aligned ball. The viewing angle of the ball and putting line remains constant – for each individual putt.
  • A consistent position when addressing the ball means it is always possible to compare the target and actual position with respect to the line of the ball. As a result, over the medium and long term the player improves his or her ability to read greens and can benefit even more from his or her experience.

2. AIMING: Lining up the target

  • With the long target line of the DREAMLINER Mallet Putter, unwanted twisting of the putter head is eliminated. Furthermore, the shorter target line on the blade putters also enables better aiming. In combination with the Eye Alignment System.
  • The innovative design of the sole with its surface divided into two parts allows the putter to remain in a balanced position on the ground. The player is able to concentrate fully on aiming at the target, as no strength is required to hold the putter. The particularly important aspect here is at the putter is placed with the sole upright / parallel on the green. This provides the correct reference for the accurate, two-dimensional alignment of the golfer during setup.
  • In order to acquire the correct upper body inclination and the right distance between his or her feet and the head of the putter, the golfer has to align him/herself with the putter. If the Eye Alignment System (e.g. the dot in the elongated hole) is aligned centrally, the player’s eyes are exactly vertically above the ball and the putting and target line. For right-handed players the rule is: left eye above the ball, right eye above the head of the putter. The opposite for left-handers.
  • DREAMLINER Mallet Putters do not have an offset shaft or hosel which would distort or conceal the view. The target line and clubface form two clearly visible lines.

3. SWINGING DIRECTION: Performing a straight line

  • A factor which has a great influence on the direction of the swing is whether the player has his or her eyes positioned above the ball when addressing it. The DREAMLINER putter ensures the ideal position of the eyes and thereby improves the swinging direction and backswing.
  • The long target line of the putter enables the player to see during the stroke in which direction the putter is moving. Any deviations from the straight line are therefore seen immediately and can be corrected immediately by the player him/herself. However, the long target line also gives the player an indication of in which direction the backswing should be.

4. CLUBFACE POSITION: Hitting the ball "squarely"

  • The clubface position is the most important direction factor of the swinging movement. This is why at the moment it hits the ball it must be “square”, i.e. perpendicular to the target. Only then is the ball launched along the target line.
  • In order to prevent twisting of the clubface, a large proportion of the weight of the Dreamliner Putter head is located in the outer sections. This is made possible by the hollow construction of the Mallet Putter. In the case of the Blade Putters the cavity is located in the middle of the rear side of the clubface, thereby achieving the same effect.

5. HITTING CENTRALLY: the “sweet spot”

  • In order to ensure the uniform and maximum transfer of energy from the putter to the ball, the ball should be hit in the “sweet spot”, i.e. in the middle of the clubface.
  • The DREAMLINER Putter has two additional parallel lines on the putter head. These thin lines correspond exactly to the diameter of the ball and help to address the ball centrally.

 6. DYNAMICS: The right swing speed

  • Often the ball rolls at different speeds on different greens. Due to the interchangeable weight inserts in the head of the putter, the player can adapt the DREAMLINER Putter to different situations. On fast greens he or she can reduce the weight, or increase it on slow ones. The swing remains the same – only the speed is adjusted. This means that the player can concentrate completely on the alignment of the swing.
  • The Eye Alignment System also allows the player to reproduce the loft of the putter, as the sole is always placed parallel to the surface of the green. As a result, the rolling properties of the ball remain constant. However, the loft can also be changed for greens of different speeds by means of the Eye Alignment System. If the dot in the elongated hole of the Mallet Putter is moved to the left, the loft increases for slow greens, while it is reduced for fast greens by moving the dot to the right. This means that the putter can be ideally adapted to a wide range of situations.

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